Temporary Staffing

The short & long term human source needs of an Organization are driven by factors, such as, project lifecycles, expansion& diversification of activities, seasonal fluctuations, etc. Companies are also now increasingly sensitive and conscious about optimizing the quality, quantity & cost of its work force to have a distinct edge and stay afloat in today’s highly competitive business environment. Flexi Staffing Services of Connect-One offers to its Clients access to its pool of skilled, semi skilled andunskilled work force with an option to quickly scale up or scale down such resources to match their unique outsourcing needs.

Temporary Staffing

Flexi Staffing Services of Connect-One also allows our Clients the option of controlling the head count of payroll employees, while maintaining adequate overall staffing needs within budgetary allocations.

The contract work force outsourced to Connect-One, are covered bysocial security schemes like EPF, ESIC and other statutory regulations. When required, Connect-One can also extend to such workforce, “Life Insurance–with Accident Cover” or coverage under Workmen Compensation Act.


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